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I am thrilled to be able to share these discount codes with you for products that I use on a regular basis!

Ellie’s Bestgreensforgains for 10% off your purchase

I started making my own nut milk 5 years ago (and by started, I mean I made it probably twice and gave up). I loved the concept, as many nut milks that you see in the store have some questionable ingredients , but I didn’t have a good way of straining the milk. I would buy cheap cheesecloths and end up having to throw them away because I would make more of a mess than anything. I decided to give it a try again earlier this year and invest in a nut milk bag. I came across Ellie’s Best Pro Quality Nut Milk Bag on Amazon so I ordered it and never looked back. I love how the package came with instructions and tips on how to make perfectly creamy nut milk. It’s mess free and really easy to clean! Homemade nut milk tastes sooo much better than store bought, in my opinion. I’ve even made cold brew concentrate with it a few times. Use the leftover pulp for baking or other recipes so there’s literally no waste!

Stasher – michelle15 for 15% off (excludes shipping)

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